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About Us

Life is short, lets do the best in whatever the way we can.

There is a reason for starting this Bharatiyulam.
It's a story of a child who dreamed of changed society in his school days and started exploring things in a better way.

(Will update more soon)

A quick message, Bharatiyulam - ఇందులో అందరూ భాగస్వాములే, ఆహ్వానితులే !
In English, Bharatiyulam means Indian's. We have an different meaning of Indian's as (I'll Never Do It Again now-on-ward's)

In my journey of life luckily was able to see many things and the way (we) so called educated people do nasty things which  we shouldn't. Surprisingly its not just kids its everyone in our country needs to take the responsibility or ownership of their surroundings.

The biggest thing which needs to change is the education system and system of asking questions to whomever it is need to be developed in every individual then the "Change Starts to be the Turn Key Solution" of the society.

Talking about Bharatiyulam, our intent is not to setup a new NGO or some other. Instead we want to bring a change in already registered NGO's or Society's to do better and bring the awareness to public on fraud groups or organizations.

Our main is to register Bharatiyulam as an organization in 2020 that to across nations without boundaries doing its best to society.
(Will update more soon)


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